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WSU's Motor City Hack is the Hackathon hosted by the WSU's Industrial & Systems Engineering Department, Computer Science, Public Health, Urban Studies, College of Engineering, Mike Ilitch School of Business and Industry partner HERE Technologies. It is 100% free of charge, $$ Prizes $$. This year, Motor City Hack plans to host up to 150 participants in person.


In-Person! This will be hosted in the Wayne State University's modern and recently renovated Student Center Building starting Wednesday, May 4th in the morning through Thursday, May 5th in the morning. Judging and closing ceremony will occur before 1pm on May 5th. 24-hours of Nonstop hacking adventures! You will be submitting on Devpost, so make sure you are registered to this hackathon on Devpost, or you will not be able to submit your hard work!


Activity Dates & Time Location
Registration & Team Sign Up Opens March 7th @ 9:00AM On Devpost
Pitching & Team Formation In Advance Online
Registration Closes May 3rd @ 12:00PM On Devpost
Opening Ceremony & Introductions May 4th @ 9:00AM SCB - Room 285
Hacking Begins May 4th @ 9:30AM SCB - Rooms 010, Hilberry C, and Hilberry D
Hacking Ends May 5th @ 9:30AM SCB - Rooms 010, Hilberry C, and Hilberry D
Pitching Practice Begins May 5th @ 9:30AM SCB - Rooms 010, Hilberry C, and Hilberry D
Presentations & Judging May 5th @ 10:00AM-12:00PM SCB - Room 285
Winners & Prizes Announced May 5th @ Noon SCB - Room 285

**This schedule is estimated and is subject to change.  Schedule details will be sent to registrants selected to participate.


What to Build 

Join HERE Technologies & Wayne State University alongside the City of Detroit and the Southeast Michigan Council of Government on a 2-day Motor City Hackathon to showcase how location technology and innovation can work together to improve the Mobility, Health and the Well-Being of society.

Our communities and the way we move have changed substantially in the past 2 years and as a result we can all benefit from improving our Mobility, Health and Well-being.

We want enthusiastic and innovative teams to come together to use location technology to build useful apps and solutions that

  1. Improve personal and corporate Mobility in the Motor City or other urban areas
  2. Support personal and societal health and well-being

Solutions may include but not be limited to helping with Mobility for various populations, assist in accessing healthcare and fitness facilities for physical and psychological health and well-being, address the future of Mobility for work, school, or personal usage. 

Motivational Examples
What to Submit 
  • Provide a URL to your working prototype. 
  • Provide a URL to your GitHub code repository. Repository must be public and have an open source license.
  • Provide a presentation (3-5 minutes) that demonstrates your project in action. Presentation should include an explanation of how your project leverages location to address one or more community challenges.
  • Provide a high-level overview of the tools and devices used within the application. 

We recognize that technology alone cannot solveall thechallenges of communities, but our hope is that you’ll develop solutions that can help advance community action projects. Once you decide where you want to focus, Wayne State University & Here Technologies are here to enableyou to invent with purpose. Location data and technology are critical in achieving these goals. Together, we will develop solutions to many of the biggest challenges facing humanity today.

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Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Joel Brush

Joel Brush
AMER Sr Director of Sales, HERE Technologies

Liz Martel

Liz Martel
AMER Sales Operations Manager, HERE Technologies

Chade Saghir, PhD

Chade Saghir, PhD
Transportation Data Analysis, SEMCOG

CJ King

CJ King
VP Foundation Engineering, HERE Technologies

Judging Criteria

  • Innovative
    How well did the proposed solution reimagine the impact of location on Mobility, Health and/or Well-being?
  • Presentation
    How well did the team present their idea or technology?
  • Potential Community Impact
    Could this proposed solution or idea have a large potential community impact?
  • Viable
    Does this idea or hack solve a real customer problem and/or demonstrate real business potential for the HERE platform. How viable is the plan to scale or sustain the idea?
  • Execution
    Did the team execute code on the HERE platform to move beyond idea to action?
  • Leveraging Location
    How well is location featured in the proposed idea/solution?

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